How and Where to have fun in Bengaluru, this weekend!

I have been living in Bangalore for quite some time now, and much as I love this city, honestly there are days when I feel there is only so much to do here. On weekends, there only seems to be two options, either go out for a dinner/ a party with friends, or go out for a movie, and frankly, I am kinda bored of both.

So when I got an invite from Mystery Rooms, Bangalore, I was really excited to see, what exactly Mystery Rooms was all about. After forming plans, week after week and then cancelling them, last week, I actually got a chance to visit the place, and Boy! Was I impressed!


Mystery Rooms, is a unit of Kickass adventures, where they give their audience  4 puzzle games to choose from, namely,

The Hurt Locker: A bomb defuse challenge

Lock Out: A prison break challenge

Abduction: A final hour

Cabin in the wood: The murder mystery

All the four games (each game is of about an hour), are  puzzle games which you can play in a team of 2 or more, based on the difficulty level you’d like to go with. My friends and I, we chose to go with Abduction : A final Hour, a 60-minute gripping game, which  kept us engaged and solving it, right until the end. The best part was the ambiance, which added to the thrill of it all. Imagine being handcuffed, in a super dingy, dark, room, with some random noise blasting out from the speakers, how will you find the clues? They are all around you, and yet you would struggle to find them, and that, my friends, is the fun of it all! Of course, you can use your lifelines, to get the clues, but with only 4 lifelines available (and you will need them a lot!), I will say, choose them wisely and use them sooner than later, if you actually want to solve the puzzle.

After the game, we had a lot of fun, just goofing around the photo booth and playing with the props. We couldn’t solve the puzzle in time (Faaaine! We lost because of the shortage of time!), but we sure had hell of a attempting it.

An insider’s tip for Abduction : An Hour – Practice your basic math before going for this one, and count wisely! 😉

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If you are looking to book your tickets for this weekend, I would suggest book them in advance, to get the slot of your choice. You can book your tickets here,