The Lust list for S/S’15

image001 STEVEMADDEN-DRESS_STECY_FLORAL STEVEMADDEN-HANDBAGS_BSHAYNA_BLACK-MULTI (1) STEVEMADDEN-SANDALS_DONDDI_FLORAL_1 _L1O1832_Spring_2015_LRSpring 2015 is upon us and its the season of bloom and flowers again. I always love the sweet beginning of any season and needless to say spring and autumn are mt favorite seasons. So this morning I received a mail from Steve Maddens comprising their S/S’15 collection and I couldn’t help but write about it, because really I just loved it that much. I love peaches, and pastels for spring and luckily for us those are all available in Steve Maddens’ this collection!

While I am too broke right now to go and buy all these shoes, I am going to settle for just writing about these and burning with envy, but some of you rich ladies may want to go and buy these! And if you do then I’ve got only one thing to say, ‘Good for ya ladies! Good for ya!’ Hmph. :p

Portfolio Styling

This shoot got me all nostalgic, because it reminded me of the days when I was trying to make my portfolio. Fashion industry can be real harsh in the initial days, getting work is not always easy, and the competition is always cut throat here, but with perseverance, patience and a smile on your face you can get through just about anything.

We shot this one for the new kid on the block, photographer Ashutosh Choudhary, who is new to the industry  and trying to find his spot here and I have to say, the guy’s got  vision. He conceptualized it, I styled it and our awesome makeup artist Leeview worked his magic with his makeup brushes on Sonalika. And ofcourse the star of the shoot, the super model herself, Sonalika Sahay, was sweet enough to give an interview to me and provide a sneak peek into her fashionable life too! (I’ll be uploading that soon).

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention my wonderful PR friend, Mansi Mayer, who helped me co-ordinate with peeps at Faballey, who provided us with the black party dress at the last moment, without which we couldn’t have got our desired shot. So here are the pictures, let me know what you think of the styling!


                                                                                                   Shoes – Clarks
                                                                                                      Dress – Faballey