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The past month has been a roller coaster ride, with crazy amount of travel and absolutely no breather in between, which is why, the long silence on the blog! But the good part is, I am back and have tons to update the blog with!

Last month, I collaborated with designer label Dimple & Amrin for this shoot. What you see in the picture is a delicate lace dress that can be worn as a party as well as a casual dress. Light and pretty, it is just perfect for occassions when you want to play peek-a-boo. What I loved about the dress, was it’s tiny details and it’s soft and smooth fabric.

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough you’d know, I love the grungy-glam look, therefore no surprise that I styled the dress with minimal makeup and wavy hair, with  boots used as the only accessories.

Let me know your thoughts on the styling? Did you like it?

P.S – You can take a look at Dimple & Amrin’s collection here

Location – Bangalore

Outfit Courtesy – D&A

Boots – H&M

Shot by – Nisheet Bagaria

Goodies in the mail! – Pretty Secrets


So received these goodies from Pretty Secrets a few days back, and have been wearing this pretty neon thing to the gym every day. Excellent fit and great fabric, this definitely worth buying for anyone who is looking to invest in gym gear!

Have you also tried one of these? If yes, what was your favorite thing about it?

P.S – Thank You Pretty Secrets for sending this box of goodies my way! 🙂

The Lust list for S/S’15

image001 STEVEMADDEN-DRESS_STECY_FLORAL STEVEMADDEN-HANDBAGS_BSHAYNA_BLACK-MULTI (1) STEVEMADDEN-SANDALS_DONDDI_FLORAL_1 _L1O1832_Spring_2015_LRSpring 2015 is upon us and its the season of bloom and flowers again. I always love the sweet beginning of any season and needless to say spring and autumn are mt favorite seasons. So this morning I received a mail from Steve Maddens comprising their S/S’15 collection and I couldn’t help but write about it, because really I just loved it that much. I love peaches, and pastels for spring and luckily for us those are all available in Steve Maddens’ this collection!

While I am too broke right now to go and buy all these shoes, I am going to settle for just writing about these and burning with envy, but some of you rich ladies may want to go and buy these! And if you do then I’ve got only one thing to say, ‘Good for ya ladies! Good for ya!’ Hmph. :p

Leather and Tribal Prints!

Winters is my favorite time of the year. You have so much liberty to experiment with clothes, accessories and everything else. You can hide all your love handles and muffins behind the layers of clothes (:p), no? So this, time I was back at home in Delhi, where it was freezing at 3 degrees, here’s the look I sported for an evening out.IMG_20150110_141617

Earcuff from Forever21
Leather Jacket – Zara Shirt – Flea market purchase Tribal print leggings – Forever21 Shoes – Steve Madden
Ring from Forever21

I think some prints, some bold color, and a pair of unique shoes is all it takes to turn even a most boring ensemble into a most interesting one. That’s exactly what became the inspiration for this look. All I have done is paired a blush color satin shirt, with tribal print leggings from Forever 21. Along with shoes from Steve Madden and accessories, an earcuff and midi-joint ring from Forever21. The leather jacket is from Zara. Like the look? What’s your winter style?

Campaign Shoot for a Chocolate Brand

Blazer - Stalk.Buy.Love Trousers - FCUK
Blazer – Stalk.Buy.Love
Trousers – FCUK
Satin Dress- Kunchal's
Satin Dress- Kunchal’s
Swimsuit - Kunchal's
Swimsuit – Kunchal’s
See through dress - Kunchal's
See through dress – Kunchal’s
See through dress - Kunchal's
See through dress – Kunchal’s
See through dress - Kunchal's
See through dress – Kunchal’s
See through dress - Kunchal's
See through dress – Kunchal’s
See through dress - Kunchal's
See through dress – Kunchal’s
See through dress - Kunchal's
See through dress – Kunchal’s
Tank top - Kunchal's
Tank top – Kunchal’s
Tank top - Kunchal's
Tank top – Kunchal’s
Tank top - Kunchal's
Tank top – Kunchal’s
Dress - FCUK
Dress – FCUK
Dress - FCUK
Dress – FCUK
Dress - Stalk.Buy.Love Accessories - ToniQ
Dress – Stalk.Buy.Love
Accessories – ToniQ
Dress - Stalk.Buy.Love Accessories - ToniQ
Dress – Stalk.Buy.Love
Accessories – ToniQ
Dress - Stalk.Buy.Love Accessories - ToniQ
Dress – Stalk.Buy.Love
Accessories – ToniQ
Blazer & Shirt  - Calvin Klien Trousers - FCUK
Blazer & Shirt – Calvin Klien
Trousers – FCUK
Blazer & Shirt  - Calvin Klien Trousers - FCUK
Blazer & Shirt – Calvin Klien
Trousers – FCUK

As a Stylist, nothing makes you more happy than a beautiful project where you get complete liberty to experiment with your creativity. Thanks to the owners of the Chocolate brand, and the photographer, this project is that one project where I got to do whatever I wanted to in terms of aesthetics and styling.

Besides, all my PR friends at Calvin Klien, FCUK, SBL, and ToniQ, made this project a reality, without whose help it wouldn’t have culminated into anything.

So here’s how it came out! Let me know, what you think of it? 🙂


Tete-a-tete with Celebrity make-up artist Bianca Hartkopf

Whenever we see a magazine cover, there are always a few things that strike us immediately,  the person on the cover, styling and make-up. Being a stylist, I know, that any cover is the result of efforts and hard work of so many people who work behind the scenes and among those important people, one person that who should be credited with accolades for any pretty cover is a make-up artist. A job of a make-up artist is very much similar to of a painter’s, they play with colors, tones and strokes of brush, only difference is, their canvas is far more real which has no scope for blunders, because they are working on faces of the people! I have always admired these maestros aka makeup artists, who do a work of art on real faces and beautifully so! One such brilliant makeup artist is Bianca Hartkopf. Now, you’d have to be living in caves if you havn’t spotted her work yet. She is literally everywhere! When she is not working for shoots, she is working her magic on Jaquline Fernandes or Frieda Pinto or some other fabulous personality. Be its commercials, fashion shoots, or magazine covers, she has done it all. The most recent example of her work would be the latest cover of  ELLE, where Bianca worked her magic on Bollywood actress and former Miss India, Esha Gupta.

Bianca is not just a makeup person but a true artist by all means, you only have to take a look at her Instagram and Facebook profile to discover her love for travel and her love and compassion for others. You can take my word for it, one cannot help but feel inspired. So of course I decided to feature her for my ‘Careers in Fashion‘ series. Here are the excerpts from the conversation, hope it inspires you too, just like it inspired me 🙂

Q. How did Fashion happen to you, did you always want to become a makeup artist?
I have always felt attracted towards art and beauty. I think my love for all these things lead me to become a makeup and hair stylist .  It was almost, as if something  that had been there in my subconscience eventually became my reality.
Q. Tell us something about your initial days in the industry.
I am a model-turned makeup artist, and I am really enjoying working across the other side of the camera. I am really happy working with like minded individuals who are creating magic at so many levels .
Q. You’ve worked across the globe for some of the biggest publications, what’s the difference between working in India and abroad? How do you like it here.
I love India! People here, are real and grateful. They are not at all pretentious, and are incredible creative beings. One learns to go with the flow here and becomes super patient .Working abroad is a little different, even though it is super organised, people there are not as grateful in fact sometimes they are super pretentious . I think that’s what makes the Indian Fashion Industry stand out, people here are humble beings and awesome.
Q. What’s your makeup advice for Indian women.
I think beauty comes from within. Everyone should make sure they stay healthy eat healthy food that’s nutritious. If you feel good, you look good and no amount of makeup can do that for you. But still if we talk in technical terms, I would suggest, not to wear too much make up . It should only be used to enhance the beauty and should not overshadow the beauty of the face . 
My favorite tone on Indian skin is most defiantly coral . Invest in a good coral lipstick . It works magic in one easy step .  
Q. What’s one fashion faus pax that you see most in India.
Long black hair and heavy make up .
Make up is an essential requirement on an everyday basis, it makes you feel more confident and groomed. But it is very important that one makes sure, its not over done . In India people are really fond of long hair, while they definitely look beautiful, its necessary that they be managed and styled according to the trends from time to time. I really feel Indian woman should explore more and change their hair styles from time to time.
Q. What are five makeup essentials that every woman must carry at all times.
1. BB Cream  – it’s a tinted moisturizer – sunblock, which gives your skin protection against the sunlight, and leaves your skin looking radiant and natural.
2. Tinted lip stain – Its just perfect a product to freshen up the face without making it look like one is wearing makeup.
3.Mascara – It opens up the eyes making you look awake and pretty. A must makeup product by all means!
4. Bronzer – This can be used in multiple ways. You can use this product on the eyes or cheeks to add dimension to your face.
 5. Concealer – Must product, for days when you’re having a bad skin day. It helps you cover the spots and dark circles under the eye region. Use it to look flawless and awake in one easy step .
Q. You are a brand Ambassador for Revlon in India. What’s that like? What work does that include for you.
I am involved in their trend and product development in India . It requires me to help them combine international trends with Indian needs. I help them with the regular updates and trends of the industry and provide my expertise to the brand .
Q. You have worked for some of the biggest publications like, VOGUE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, ELLE, GRAZIA et al, which is the project that you enjoyed doing the most and why?
I am a creative being and I love expressing beauty in any form. I am currently working on an exhibition that will be curated in Tokyo . I am using makeup as a mixed median in expressing what I feel . This is bringing me a lot of joy and satisfaction.
Q. Any particular celebrity that you want to work your magic on with your art? And why.
I stick by the saying ‘Home is where the heart is‘. I want to work with Charlize Theron – as she is South African just like me. For me, its an amazing feeling to see people from the same roots grow and reach out to places and become known to the rest of the world . I would love to collaborate with her sometime. She is definitely on my wish list!
Q. What would be your advise to young people who are trying to get a break in the fashion industry as makeup artists.
I would advise them to keep learning, growing, and staying inspired and most importantly assist as much as possible to gain experience. 
I believe, deep down we are all artists , just keep yourself inspired, look at the latest trends and never stop learning!
ELLE cover, makeup by Biance Hartkopf
ELLE cover, make-up by Biance Hartkopf
Make-up by Bianca Hartkopf
Makeup by Bianca Hartkopf
Make-up by Bianca Hartkopf
Bianca’s work for VOGUE, India
Bianca with Jaqueline Fernandis



Dusky is beautiful!

I have been meaning to write this post since a long, long time and I could not think of a better time than this, because summers I feel is all about colors, and this is the best time to sport all kinds of sorbets, neons and other bright shades.

While most people love colors just like me, I personally know a lot of other kinds of  people too who shy away from them because they think, colors take their tone down by a shade. People who are dusky, subconsciously find themselves inclined towards monochromes. Not that there is anything with that, I love them too, but there is something about colors that I absolutely love! And I think everyone should! Because if it weren’t for colors, life would be so boring, fashion would be so boring. So here’s a post dedicated to all the beautiful people I know, and those whom I don’t know,  but who are blessed with a beautiful sunkissed skin tone.

It does not matter what skin color you are, what age you are, what weight you are, there can be no excuse you can tell yourself for not opting for colors. Colors are beautiful and they reflect your mood beautifully. But if you think they don’t suit your skintone then here’s what you need to do.

Please make peace with your color, because trust me people pay shit load of money on artificial tanning and shit load of time under the sun to get that perfect tan and still disappoint themselves. If you are one of the few lucky ones who are already blessed with a beautiful skin tone, cherish it and instead of sulking and thinking of compromising with monochromes, make your way to colors and discover the lovely world of them.

There are certain things you should keep in mind, one of the first would be to notice that its all about the features. No matter how fair a person is, if they do not have sharp features chances are they are just going to look drab and of course we can’t change the features on our face, but we can sure use ways to enhance the way they look. So make it a rule of thumb, to use certain makeup products always. For instance, for  eyes, eyeliner and eye brow pencil is a must,  likewise for cheeks a bronzer. Take inspiration from any dusky beauty, be it Bipashu Basu or Lisa Hayden or Deepika Padukone, or Joan Smalls, they all use bronzers liberally to define their cheek bones. Apply a bit on the apples of your cheek to give your face a more defined and contoured look, take my word for it, it never fails!

Make sure you don’t use too many colors on your face when your opting for a bright color. Always balance your colorful outfit with just a bold lip color and liner, or in case you want to just highlight your eyes, skip the lipstick altogether and only let the color of your outfit and your kohl lined eyes, do the talking.

NEVER EVER go for a matching makeup shade for all three, lips-eyelids-cheeks, when wearing a bright colored outfit of the same color. Personally, I think its tacky and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should anyone opt for that disaster. Use your own aesthetic sense and play with colors, see what goes with your skin tone. I personally love to pair orange with fuschia dresses and vice versa, gold with black, blue with green, baby pink and red. You can experiment for yourself and see what works for you.

If all that text is not enough to convince you to experiment with colors, I want you to take a look at all these lovely ladies who are dusky and beautiful, who not only wear colors all the time, but also work those shades and how!

Lisa Haydon working the hell out of that sunny yellow!
One of my favorites, dusky beauty, super model Nidhi Sunil. Love that orange on her!
Rihanna in hot pink
Beyonce in orange, need I say more?
Joan Smalls looking lovely in bright and cheery orange
Nidhi Sunil in brights and neons. I don’t own this picture, but I sure love it for its colors 
Joan Smalls for Gucci Campaign
Lisa Haydon in lime yellow

Summer Style diaries #look1

Summer is finally upon us, and as always the northern region of India is burning. It can be quite bothersome to decide on clothes during this time, you don’t want to wear anything heavy, you find yourself crawling towards your tanks and shorts but obviously you can’t wear it to a brunch unless the brunch is organized by the beach side. Lol So what do you do? I thought I’ll just implement some basic styling, and keep the looks minimal, which means, minimal makeup, minimal addition of accessories and ofcourse minimal fuss! So from now on you’ll see a summer style blog post every now and then. Here is the look I went for today!

P.S – I cant hold my excitement but share, I got some awesome highlights done. Lo’real shade 8.34!  and I am totally loving it! I went for streaks because I don’t prefer going global with light shades. So I just got a few of them  and its just the results that I wanted! It goes with my skin tone and adds just the right boho vibe that I was looking for. If you’re asian or a latina (I think we might have same skin tones)  then I suggest you try too, I can assure you this much you wouldn’t be disappointed!

photo (12) photo (13) photo (15) photo (14)


I think this look would take you from a daytime brunch to a dinner seamlessly. I love everything about this jumpsuit. The color is a baby pink, and even though not everyone may not like it, I like pairing the pinks with red, I think it makes for a cute contrast, hence the bright red lip color. I have kept the accessories minimal with only adding a Forever 21 cuff to the look. This is one of my first few summer favorite looks. Tell me what are your dressing up ideas for the summers! x!

You can buy this jumpsuit at website.