Rum N Rouge’s Trip to Thailand Part – 2



Go to ‘Pizza Pizza’ at  Pattaya Avenue for some awesome Pizza and Ice Tea


The Sanctuary of Truth


Was so mesmerized by its beauty


105 mt high, this beautiful building is made of all wood


The wooden sculptors, represent religion and mythologies of India, China, Cambodia, and Thailand


What a pretty Goat, you can actually feed it, or dress it up with flowers accessories!


Awestruck, obviously!


It was not just beautiful, but serene as well.

So here’s the 2nd installment of Travel Story from Thailand.

If you are in Thailand and if you are not exploring the Thai culture, then what the hell are you doing? So on my second day here, that’s what I did, I thought of exploring places, that were a bit offbeat and not your typical touristy spots.

I started my second day in Thailand by treating myself to some yummy lunch at the Pattaya Avenue, and by lunch, I mean a vegetarian Pizza (which was also one of the few places to have a vegetarian pizza). The place goes by the name of ‘Pizza Pizza‘, great ambiance, and great food, I just thought it was bit expensive. A big slice of Pizza cost me about 300-400 TBH, which is about 800/- in Indian currency. So that’s definitely not cheap, but then again, in a country where vegetarian food is a luxury, I was just relieved to find something veg on the menu, I didn’t care what it cost me.

After my lunch, I moved to the next spot, which was The Sanctuary of Truth. Situated close to the sea, this was one example of architectural brilliance. About, 105 meters in height, this building is made of all wood. The wooden sculptors inside the building are truly breathtaking and represent the imperial setting at Angkor, in Cambodia. If you are into arts and culture, then this will truly leave you impressed. The ticket per head was 500 THB, which at first, I thought was expensive, but given the fact, that the building is still in the phase of construction, I guess it’s only fair that they make money out of tourism. All in all a great experience, if you love exploring non-commercialized places, then perhaps you will like this one.

By the time, I got done with The Sanctuary of Truth, the sun was already setting, which

A beautiful summer evening, by the Pattaya beach

meant, that I was to plan, where I would spend my evening. Without much thought, I just walked straight out of the Sanctuary, took a Tuk Tuk (costs only 10-20 BHAT per person) to beach road, which has some awesome shacks by the Pattaya beach, but since those shacks shut by around 6ish, I just thought of taking a stroll by the lovely beach road.  Just like the movies, you discover the best stuff, when you are not exactly looking for it, and this my friend, is the joy of traveling! Guess what, while randomly strolling around, I came across a beautiful flea market, right below The Hilton Pattaya hotel. Sure, there are markets everywhere in Pattaya, and you can buy all the souvenirs from just about any shop, this market, however, was different. I found some of the most exquisite dresses and footwears here, and they were all beautiful, to say the least. The market was slightly expensive, but the kind of stuff I bought here, I did not find it even in Bangkok. So a traveler’s tip – Do explore the flea market by the Hilton Pattaya hotel at the beach road. The vendors come around in the evening and leave by about 10ish. Hoard some cash, as you might want to shop a lot here, and if you find something, do buy it, chances are you won’t find it anywhere else in Thailand again.

After my shopping spree, I found another amazing spot. Right next to the flea market, I found a very hip cocktail van. Not so much to look at during the day, the van completely transforms in the evening. After few hours of the shopping spree, I came back to the cocktail van at around 8ish, and it had completely transformed into this trippy-alcohol serving-cocktail car! Their menu had practically every cocktail under the Sun, not just that, the cocktails were actually delicious too!

I ordered myself a Big LIT, and then a Mojito, and both were exceptionally delicious.! The pretty little lights, the cool breeze from the beach and the sonorous music, set quite the atmosphere, one, that I definitely didn’t want to come out of.

This was my second night in Thailand, and I was already feeling like the time was slipping away. The third day was all about exploring islands, which I will cover in my 3rd and last post. The last post will also comprise a list of ‘Must Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’s, so don’t forget to check this space out tomorrow!


Goodies in the mail! – Pretty Secrets


So received these goodies from Pretty Secrets a few days back, and have been wearing this pretty neon thing to the gym every day. Excellent fit and great fabric, this definitely worth buying for anyone who is looking to invest in gym gear!

Have you also tried one of these? If yes, what was your favorite thing about it?

P.S – Thank You Pretty Secrets for sending this box of goodies my way! 🙂

Anupama Dayal’s new store launch at Khan Market, Delhi

Anupama's new store at Khan Market, Delhi.
Anupama’s new store at Khan Market, Delhi.

Anupama Store - Khan Market - 1 Anupama Store - Khan Market - 2 Anupama Store - Khan Market - 6 Anupama Store - Khan Market - 3 Anupama Store - Khan Market - 4What do you need in summers to make your evening? Some coolers, some wine and a great place to hang out maybe and you are set for a great evening! Anupama‘s new store launch was something similar which pretty much made our evening. The Wardrobe of a Nomad, was invited to the launch of designer Anupama Dayal‘s new store in Khan Market, Delhi.

It was not just the coolers at the launch that brought the relief from the heat, the collection at the store was no less than a breath of fresh air either. Anupama, who is known for her colorful quirky designs, this time around has brought the old Delhi’s Mughal vibe alive in the label’s signature color palette, the store echoes the brand’s ‘raison d’etre’ – revival of the ancient, almost forgotten hand printing techniques of India.

Need something to do over the weekend? I say make your way to Anupama’s store for some great shopping and that should make your evening!

By : Dev

Comic Con India – In Bangalore this time!

Before the internet boom happened, and before the kids got tech-savvy with their high end gadgets, it was the world of comics and cartoons that entertained the children and adults alike. Surprisingly West, which is far more advanced than us in the technology aspect, has managed to stay crazy about comics and the fun of it. So much so that they have an entire event dedicated to it called the Comic Con. Now you’ve got to be living under caves if you’ve not heard of the event before! Because anyone who has ever watched The Big Bang Theory knows how much the event can be. Besides, in U.S the event happens on such a large scale that sometimes the entire cast of popular sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, turn up and oblige the fans with premier of their new season etc. So is it just the American thing? No! Here’s the good news, we are having an Indian version of Comic Con in Bangalore this time! And to top it all, Daniel Portman of The Game of Thrones would be there too to give you company!

So I have just gotten an invite for it and as you might have guessed, I am jumping with joy! Could it get any better than that? I don’t think so! I say save the date, April 3-5’15 fellas!

I am going to be there, will you be?

Who can forget this hilarious episode of TBBT! Entirely dedicated to the Comic Con!
Who can forget this hilarious episode of TBBT! Entirely dedicated to the Comic Con!
Daniel Portman of The Game of Thrones!


Food for skin – Vedic Line moisturizer

Last month peeps at the Vedic Line, sent me a pack full of goodness, comprising their grapefruit and honey moisturizer. I delayed this post because I wanted to see the real effect of the moisturizer on my skin over a certain duration of time.


When I got this one, I stopped using my other skin products. Now, I have a mixed type of skin, with the T zone on the face being little oily and the rest of the skin very dry. Therefore, I need a product which is neither so oily that it sprouts up in oil beads on my skin, nor so dry that whole of it gets absorbed and again I end up with dry patches. So I used Vedic Line, for a month and I have to say the results are rather impressive. All I did was, applied about two drops of it on my face and neck and massaged it gently after every face wash.  And after a month I feel my skin is much more supple.

It comes with refreshing fragrance of orange, and absorbs beautifully in the skin. At a price of Rs.220, I feel the product is worth the money! If you suffer from mixed skin issues just like me, I suggest you go for this without a doubt!

You can buy the moisturizer and other Vedic Line products here :

Style Epiphany blogs for The wardrobe of a nomad!

You cant beat the excitement that you feel when you meet people who feel just as passionately for fashion as you do. While ofcourse there are a zillion fashion bloggers out there, there are only a few that you connect with and who stand out! That’s where Style Epiphany comes in picture for me. Style Epiphany is a brainchild of Isha Tikku and Prachi Goel, who came up with this pretty blog past February. So how is it any different than other blogs? These two beautiful ladies know how to mix and match and play with textures and colors alike. Also, I absolutely adore l how Tikku adds spunk to her looks by means of some random props or accessories. Don’t believe me? Check out this post they have done for The wardrobe of a nomad, yourself!

You can check out their blog at





IMG_3860 IMG_3858

IMG_3865 (1)

We were extremely excited when we were asked to be a guest blogger at Wardrobeofanomad! We love the concept behind her blog- budget fashion. The idea of us ladies looking like million bucks without spending mad amount of money, appealed us. To be honest, we have all had that weak moment when we have been looking for that perfect outfit for a night out, but break down & end up buying something ridiculously expensive in the end, denting our savings account. We wanted to show how to look fairly stylish without spending too much. In this outfit post, we incorporated a lot of thrifted items with one item bought from a high street store (okay we cheated, but in our defense, it was on sale)! The outfit can be worn when you’re out with the girls for drinks in the evening or just a casual date. We threw the hat in because we love a little boy-ish charm to our outfits!

T shirt- thrifted Rs. 200
skirt- Forever 21 on sale Rs 700
Hat- Thrifted- rs. 200
Shoes- Fathom, Hauz khas Village Rs. 1200
Bag- Thrifted from Spain (approx $2)
Sunglasses- Vintage thrifted- Rs. 600


Style Epiphany x

Raid your mum’s closet!

I am visiting home these days. Whenever I come home, I am always curious with any additions that mother might have made in her jewelry, shoes, accessories or sari collection.  This time too I did the same, there weren’t any new additions but I wasn’t disappointed because something old caught my eye and the purpose was fulfilled anyway.Now there is a reason why I always steal a peek into my mother’s closet. Its because not only is she fashionable but she also has that intrinsic sense of style that has influenced me in a profound way. As you know, this blog is all about being fashionable without spending too much. Therefore, my first post is based on the inspiration I got looking at a simple gold chain from my mother’s jewelry collection. The chain is vintage and belonged to my grandmother, which was later passed on to my mother. While she was sorting her jewelry, it caught my eye, I tried the chain on, to my disappointment, it looked really boring and I hated the fact, that it was neither short nor long enough to be worn, but I couldn’t help but notice that was a beautiful piece and which was made with ancient techniques of gold karigaari and that’s when I decided to style it my way!

You don’t need a penny for this, just raid your mum’s closet and borrow her chain to style it in any of the mentioned ways! In case you do like the post do not forget to mention your suggestion/feedback.