Shopping from The Eco Store

People who know me closely, know, how obsessed I am, when it comes to knowing about each and every detail of the products I use in my daily life. Then be it my food, or my cosmetic products,  for me, it’s important to know, what are their ingredients and how are these things, that I am consuming, manufactured. If you are anything like me, then this post maybe helpful to you.

I recently came across a website called, which is entirely dedicated to selling organic products only. From grocery & staples to personal care products, they have pretty much everything covered under the organic category.

I placed an order for 2 bottles of body wash from one of their organic brand partners, Neev, a body scrub from Aarohi, and a pack of Aloe wipes. Nothing fancy right? But definitely everyday essentials, and the thing about everyday essentials, is you need them everyday and when you place an order on a website, you want it at the earliest too! Guess what my wish did come true! I placed my order at 7:00 a.m on a Friday, and my products got delivered to me by 11:00 a.m! I have to say, I was left impressed with their quick delivery!

My shopping experience was smooth and completely hassle free. I am pretty sure, I’ll be placing an order for the next batch of the groceries too, from The Eco Store. If you too are interested in placing your order, you can do so here,



Food for skin – Vedic Line moisturizer

Last month peeps at the Vedic Line, sent me a pack full of goodness, comprising their grapefruit and honey moisturizer. I delayed this post because I wanted to see the real effect of the moisturizer on my skin over a certain duration of time.


When I got this one, I stopped using my other skin products. Now, I have a mixed type of skin, with the T zone on the face being little oily and the rest of the skin very dry. Therefore, I need a product which is neither so oily that it sprouts up in oil beads on my skin, nor so dry that whole of it gets absorbed and again I end up with dry patches. So I used Vedic Line, for a month and I have to say the results are rather impressive. All I did was, applied about two drops of it on my face and neck and massaged it gently after every face wash.  And after a month I feel my skin is much more supple.

It comes with refreshing fragrance of orange, and absorbs beautifully in the skin. At a price of Rs.220, I feel the product is worth the money! If you suffer from mixed skin issues just like me, I suggest you go for this without a doubt!

You can buy the moisturizer and other Vedic Line products here :