How and Where to have fun in Bengaluru, this weekend!

I have been living in Bangalore for quite some time now, and much as I love this city, honestly there are days when I feel there is only so much to do here. On weekends, there only seems to be two options, either go out for a dinner/ a party with friends, or go out for a movie, and frankly, I am kinda bored of both.

So when I got an invite from Mystery Rooms, Bangalore, I was really excited to see, what exactly Mystery Rooms was all about. After forming plans, week after week and then cancelling them, last week, I actually got a chance to visit the place, and Boy! Was I impressed!


Mystery Rooms, is a unit of Kickass adventures, where they give their audience  4 puzzle games to choose from, namely,

The Hurt Locker: A bomb defuse challenge

Lock Out: A prison break challenge

Abduction: A final hour

Cabin in the wood: The murder mystery

All the four games (each game is of about an hour), are  puzzle games which you can play in a team of 2 or more, based on the difficulty level you’d like to go with. My friends and I, we chose to go with Abduction : A final Hour, a 60-minute gripping game, which  kept us engaged and solving it, right until the end. The best part was the ambiance, which added to the thrill of it all. Imagine being handcuffed, in a super dingy, dark, room, with some random noise blasting out from the speakers, how will you find the clues? They are all around you, and yet you would struggle to find them, and that, my friends, is the fun of it all! Of course, you can use your lifelines, to get the clues, but with only 4 lifelines available (and you will need them a lot!), I will say, choose them wisely and use them sooner than later, if you actually want to solve the puzzle.

After the game, we had a lot of fun, just goofing around the photo booth and playing with the props. We couldn’t solve the puzzle in time (Faaaine! We lost because of the shortage of time!), but we sure had hell of a attempting it.

An insider’s tip for Abduction : An Hour – Practice your basic math before going for this one, and count wisely! 😉

FullSizeRender (1)

If you are looking to book your tickets for this weekend, I would suggest book them in advance, to get the slot of your choice. You can book your tickets here,

GST Sale at the East Furniture Store, Koramangala, Bangalore


Customized Bob Marley Counter






If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know already, that I did a store review a few days back for a furniture store called East Furniture. Unfortunately, I fell terribly sick, and couldn’t write about it sooner. Well, I am back now, so here’s the post!

Located in a tranquil corner of Kormangala, in Bangalore, East Furniture is a store for royalties. The moment you enter the store, you’ll feel this cool breeze touching your face and whiff of raw wood, that comes from their warehouse which is right inside the store. Every piece of furniture, that you’ll spot in this store, is made from hand-picked quality wood. Not just that, they can customize anything under the Sun for you. Their typical clientele includes people, who are looking for something different, something thematic, and of course, those are who willing to pay for their premium products. But here’s the good news, East Furniture has a GST sale on, until the 30th June (Yes, I know, only two days left until it gets over!), which means you still have two days before this crazy sale comes to an end! All the pieces I spotted were examples of fine craftsmanship. I especially fell in love with that blue couch set and the purple chair!

I think, they have some really beautiful pieces, that can add to the decor of your house. If you are into home decor and have been thinking of going furniture shopping, now is time! Rush before their GST sale comes to end!

Review of Sly Granny, Bangalore













Last, to last weekend we were invited for a review at the newly opened, Sly Granny in Indranagar. Now, before I go ahead with the full review, let me tell you, that they had me at that name!

A quirky name and a quirkier decor with a touch of grunge, this place, is a ‘must-go-to’ destination for those, who enjoy the idea of theme restaurants. However, the decor is not the only thing, you’ll find yourself impressed with, they have some of the most delicious drinks and dishes on their menu. For instance, our favorite dish on the menu was the Hummus platter and the chicken sliders. I also loved their cocktails which had a tinge of berries and pineapple in them.

So if you are looking to visit a place this weekend in Bangalore, that’s nice, as well as different, I strongly recommend, you make your way to the very Sly Granny!

Hope you have as much fun there, as we did 🙂

Nykaa PaintStix launch!





Yesterday, I got to attend a very interesting event, the occasion was the launch of Nykaa PaintStix! If you’ve been following my blog, for long enough, you’d know that I am a complete makeup junkie, and I try to get my hands on, every newly launched makeup product. So obviously I was quite excited to attend this one!

The launch was lovely and had all the bloggers, busy painting with Nykaa Paint Stix! We also got to try various shades of the Paint Stix, from its diverse palette! From hot chilli orange to grunge brown, the palette includes colors that can be worn every day to the office, and some bold ones, that can be worn to the parties. All in all, I loved their entire range!

Besides, I am going to put up a review of Nykaa PaintStix very soon! So stay tuned, and watch out this space for more! 😀

Southern Escapade – Weekend in Pondicherry!











Bangalore is a busy city, where you struggle with traffic, population, pollution and barely manage to get through each day. As a principle, I always take a break whenever it becomes too hectic, last month when Bangalore city started to take its toll on me, I slyly sneaked an escapade to a beautiful place called, Pondicherry.

I went to Pondicherry on a weekend and at stayed at one of the most beautiful resorts – Dune Ecovillage & Spa. Imagine a place, where you are all alone, with no one to disturb you, and you get to stay in the lap of nature quite literally! Where you can actually hear the sea waves crashing at the shore, in your room, where you are actually able to cut off from the whole world and spend your time in peace. Like me, if you like to just take a break from life and chill, then Dune Ecovillage & Spa is the place for you. It has its own private beach, where you can run miles, or just lie sunbathing at the shore. Be it their pool, or their private villas I just fell in love with the place!

After lazying around for a day at the resort, I finally went out to explore the town on the second day, and as expected, it was truly some experience! Even though a U.T and full of beaches, Pondi is nothing like Goa, where you see pubs lined up at every nook and corner. We explored quite a bit on our cute little scooter, (which we rented from the Merchant street at 1100/- for two days) before we discovered some of the most beautiful spots where you can go, grab a drink and just chill. One of such places is Le Club, this tiny little place, done up with pretty little, lights, will definitely remind you of Goa, and the legacy that Portuguese have left behind in terms of art and infrastructure. When here, don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice glass of wine, and some pizza, before go out exploring the town again. In the evening, it might be a good idea to explore other pubs like  Toxic and L’Aqua.

Last but not the least, do not forget to spend some time taking a quiet stroll by the Paradise beach. Beautiful and tranquil, you’ll fall in love with the beauty of the place!

In Dimple & Amrin








The past month has been a roller coaster ride, with crazy amount of travel and absolutely no breather in between, which is why, the long silence on the blog! But the good part is, I am back and have tons to update the blog with!

Last month, I collaborated with designer label Dimple & Amrin for this shoot. What you see in the picture is a delicate lace dress that can be worn as a party as well as a casual dress. Light and pretty, it is just perfect for occassions when you want to play peek-a-boo. What I loved about the dress, was it’s tiny details and it’s soft and smooth fabric.

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough you’d know, I love the grungy-glam look, therefore no surprise that I styled the dress with minimal makeup and wavy hair, with  boots used as the only accessories.

Let me know your thoughts on the styling? Did you like it?

P.S – You can take a look at Dimple & Amrin’s collection here

Location – Bangalore

Outfit Courtesy – D&A

Boots – H&M

Shot by – Nisheet Bagaria

Goodies in the mail! – Pretty Secrets


So received these goodies from Pretty Secrets a few days back, and have been wearing this pretty neon thing to the gym every day. Excellent fit and great fabric, this definitely worth buying for anyone who is looking to invest in gym gear!

Have you also tried one of these? If yes, what was your favorite thing about it?

P.S – Thank You Pretty Secrets for sending this box of goodies my way! 🙂

Exploring South India! – Food Review for Oyster Bay!

Pesto Italiano beg soup
Pesto Italiano beg soup
Three treasure veg starter
Three treasure veg starter
American in Chilly flakes
American in Chilly flakes
Subzi mazedar
Subzi mazedar
Oyster Bay Dining area
Oyster Bay Dining area
Dim lit and lovely!
Dim lit and lovely!
Oyster Bay!
Oyster Bay!

Travelling has always been a passion for me, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than exploring places and different culture. So your’s truly is in the Southern part of India, and I have to say, this part of the country is blessed with so much beauty! I’ll have a separate post to update you all on that, but this post is about the lovely restaurant that I reviewed in Mysore, on one drizzly evening.

In Mysore, you can find the best of the South Indian food, but if you want to eat some great north Indian food, than the options are few. Luckily for me, I got to know about Oyster Bay.

Oyster Bay is a foodie’s haven, especially if you have a bias for traditional north Indian food. They began with an Italiano pesto soup and a Three treasure dish,for starters. The three treasure, was essentially a dal papad (an Indian snack made out of lentils) with spicy vegetable fillings inside. Now who would’ve thought you could make use of a papad like that? Spicy and yummilicious it was finger licking good! After that, the Oyster Bay staff served me another spicy dish (Yes, they were told I have a weak spot for all things spicy ;)), called American chilly flakes, which was a green mix of super spicy vegetables with a serving of green salad on the side. I am sure the picture says the story, how delicious it was! For the main course I was served a subzi mazedar, which was again a mix of vegetables, and yet again spicy and delicious.

While the food was delicious, the dim lit ambience, with a water fountain by the side, enhanced the taste so much more! For anyone who is in Mysore and looking for a place for great food, Oyster Bay is the place to go to! So the next time you are Mysore, and are in a mood to spend a lovely romantic soiree with your loved one, I strongly recommend you visit this place once!