Rum N Rouge’s trip to Thailand – Part 1

D Varee Hotel’s pool where I stayed in Pattaya


View from my balcony




Another one, from my balcony


Acting all goofy at the Ripley’s Museum


At the Ripley’s Museum


Sunset at the Pattaya beach


Post -Sunset, they light-up the Pattaya sign board


If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know already, that I visited Thailand last month, and I have to say, that I had the time of life on that trip.

I went on a 5-day trip and obviously had a lot of fun! (Duh!) So instead of cinching all the details in one post, I am going to divide it into two parts. Here’s the first part, for your pleasure.

I had planned my trip in a way, that I would get to spend 2 days in Bangkok and rest of the 3 days in Pattaya. The first day, as soon as deboarded my plane, I took an Uber to Pattaya. If you’re a fan of scenic drives, then this one you would definitely enjoy. You will see the countryside, and if you are lucky it might even drizzle which will make the journey even more beautiful.

After I got to Pattaya, I checked into my Hotel D’Varee at the Jomtien beach. Now, of course, there are plenty of hotels in Pattaya, but if you want something comfortable as well as close to the beach, then would say, D Varee hotel is the best option. Sure, it’s a  little far from the Pattaya beach road, where all the fun happens, but it’s worth the effort because if you take a sea-facing room, the view from your balcony would be priceless, and their staff is very friendly too! So you won’t any problems related to your stay.

On my first day, I decided to explore the Pattaya town and chose to visit the ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ Museum. If you are not into history and arts, I am not sure if this is a great idea for you. I, for one, enjoyed it, as it was a different experience, and I had fun checking out all the artifacts and peeping into the records and history of all the people documented at the Ripley’s. I was such a fan of the T.V show, so for me, it was actually fun! The Ripley’s museum is inside a mall, so it’s a win-win for anyone who wants to explore and shop and eat on the go. However, just a little heads-up, if you are vegetarian like me, then brace yourself to pay for overpriced Indian food at Indian restaurants, or you can find solace, at Subway and eat a sandwich filled with veggies. I did pretty much do that, during my stay in Pattaya, but for what it’s worth, I was having so much fun, that I didn’t the ordeal of going to Subway everyday half as much!

After Ripley’s I decided to just chill by the Pattaya beach watch the sunset and do nothing, which, trust me was a completely legit idea! Sunsets in Pattaya are beautiful, so you can just grab some beers from 7/11 and watch the sun go down, which in itself, is quite a soothing experience.

That was all from day 1, the next day I had some yummy vegetarian lunch and visited another historic sight. Details shall be covered in the next post, stay tuned! 🙂

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