All the fun we had at the Bira Event, at SHC, Delhi




Ever since Bira91 has gotten launched in the market, I don’t recall drinking any other beer. As if the awesome Bira91 was not enough, we actually got invited to their event at the Summer House Cafe in Hauz Khas in Delhi, where Monica Dogra (think the beautiful actress of movie Dhobi Ghat and lead of SHAA’IR + FUNC) was to play. Now, there was no way we were going to miss out on that? That too, when it was scheduled to happen on a Friday night? No way!

So we made our way to the event, and as expected it was a kick-ass show, full of fun, food, music and some chilled beer. Here’s the peak from the event. Pardon the bad picture quality, this was all that could be managed in the given lighting on our humble iPhone camera. :p

Covered by: Dev Raj




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