Food for skin – Vedic Line moisturizer

Last month peeps at the Vedic Line, sent me a pack full of goodness, comprising their grapefruit and honey moisturizer. I delayed this post because I wanted to see the real effect of the moisturizer on my skin over a certain duration of time.


When I got this one, I stopped using my other skin products. Now, I have a mixed type of skin, with the T zone on the face being little oily and the rest of the skin very dry. Therefore, I need a product which is neither so oily that it sprouts up in oil beads on my skin, nor so dry that whole of it gets absorbed and again I end up with dry patches. So I used Vedic Line, for a month and I have to say the results are rather impressive. All I did was, applied about two drops of it on my face and neck and massaged it gently after every face wash.  And after a month I feel my skin is much more supple.

It comes with refreshing fragrance of orange, and absorbs beautifully in the skin. At a price of Rs.220, I feel the product is worth the money! If you suffer from mixed skin issues just like me, I suggest you go for this without a doubt!

You can buy the moisturizer and other Vedic Line products here :

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