Exploring South India : The Royal Food at Reegalis!

No I don’t glow as much, its the Merlot folks! 😉
Best wine and mind blowing Long Island Ice tea, a must try by all means!
Sweet honey chilli baby corn
Roasted baby chilli mushrooms
Lovely ambiance at Reegalis
Love the dim lit ambiance for supper

So after missing from this space for about a month I am back! And here’s what you have missed so far!

While I am on a spree on exploring places in  South India, I am getting an opportunity to explore some really beautiful places, pubs and restaurants. The most recent place I reviewed was a Hotel called Reegalis, located in the posh area of Mysore, Karnataka.

The hotel popularly known as Southern Star before, now called Reegalis, is the star of Mysore by all means, as it is actually one of the most known and oldest hotels in Mysore. So when I got an invite by their manager to review the restaurant, I was thrilled to say the least. And needless to say the experience was awesome.

We began with some really yummy hummus and pita, which is by the way a task in itself to find it anywhere in Karnatka, and yet, it was the most delicious hummus I had ever tasted. I guess it must have been the after effects of the Merlot, they served me that I entirely forgot to click the picture of that. Preceding that they served me another starter, the honey baby corn. I didn’t like it so much because I am not particularly a fan of sweet stuff for starters, but for anyone who likes a bit of sweet and salty starters I think it’ll make for a good choice. Next came, one of a kind of dish, that I had eaten before, chilli baby mushrooms. It was a platter full of  baby mushrooms stuffed with spicy fillings inside. I have to say, they tasted heavenly and honestly I could not get enough of those! I feel its a must try!

After all this, I was so full that I could not any further, but the fellas at the Reegalis were insistent that we have main course, that I ended up giving in. What followed was steaming hot and spicy Thai curry and rice. I was full to the brim and yet I hogged on some more. Truly it was amazing, that I ended up eating dollops despite I was so full!

So if you are travelling to Mysore, and looking forward to eating at a chic restaurant, then I suggest you make your way to Reegalis. The awesome view of the pool side adds to the delicious food they serve. What’s more you can even choose to have Indian food by the pool side only. Hospitable staff, amazing food and great ambiance, and not so heavy on the pocket. Reegalis is a must visit for any person coming to the Mysore for the first time. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience, as much as I did writing about it (And recalling the taste in mind..burrp!) 😉

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