Tete-a-tete with Celebrity make-up artist Bianca Hartkopf

Whenever we see a magazine cover, there are always a few things that strike us immediately,  the person on the cover, styling and make-up. Being a stylist, I know, that any cover is the result of efforts and hard work of so many people who work behind the scenes and among those important people, one person that who should be credited with accolades for any pretty cover is a make-up artist. A job of a make-up artist is very much similar to of a painter’s, they play with colors, tones and strokes of brush, only difference is, their canvas is far more real which has no scope for blunders, because they are working on faces of the people! I have always admired these maestros aka makeup artists, who do a work of art on real faces and beautifully so! One such brilliant makeup artist is Bianca Hartkopf. Now, you’d have to be living in caves if you havn’t spotted her work yet. She is literally everywhere! When she is not working for shoots, she is working her magic on Jaquline Fernandes or Frieda Pinto or some other fabulous personality. Be its commercials, fashion shoots, or magazine covers, she has done it all. The most recent example of her work would be the latest cover of  ELLE, where Bianca worked her magic on Bollywood actress and former Miss India, Esha Gupta.

Bianca is not just a makeup person but a true artist by all means, you only have to take a look at her Instagram and Facebook profile to discover her love for travel and her love and compassion for others. You can take my word for it, one cannot help but feel inspired. So of course I decided to feature her for my ‘Careers in Fashion‘ series. Here are the excerpts from the conversation, hope it inspires you too, just like it inspired me 🙂

Q. How did Fashion happen to you, did you always want to become a makeup artist?
I have always felt attracted towards art and beauty. I think my love for all these things lead me to become a makeup and hair stylist .  It was almost, as if something  that had been there in my subconscience eventually became my reality.
Q. Tell us something about your initial days in the industry.
I am a model-turned makeup artist, and I am really enjoying working across the other side of the camera. I am really happy working with like minded individuals who are creating magic at so many levels .
Q. You’ve worked across the globe for some of the biggest publications, what’s the difference between working in India and abroad? How do you like it here.
I love India! People here, are real and grateful. They are not at all pretentious, and are incredible creative beings. One learns to go with the flow here and becomes super patient .Working abroad is a little different, even though it is super organised, people there are not as grateful in fact sometimes they are super pretentious . I think that’s what makes the Indian Fashion Industry stand out, people here are humble beings and awesome.
Q. What’s your makeup advice for Indian women.
I think beauty comes from within. Everyone should make sure they stay healthy eat healthy food that’s nutritious. If you feel good, you look good and no amount of makeup can do that for you. But still if we talk in technical terms, I would suggest, not to wear too much make up . It should only be used to enhance the beauty and should not overshadow the beauty of the face . 
My favorite tone on Indian skin is most defiantly coral . Invest in a good coral lipstick . It works magic in one easy step .  
Q. What’s one fashion faus pax that you see most in India.
Long black hair and heavy make up .
Make up is an essential requirement on an everyday basis, it makes you feel more confident and groomed. But it is very important that one makes sure, its not over done . In India people are really fond of long hair, while they definitely look beautiful, its necessary that they be managed and styled according to the trends from time to time. I really feel Indian woman should explore more and change their hair styles from time to time.
Q. What are five makeup essentials that every woman must carry at all times.
1. BB Cream  – it’s a tinted moisturizer – sunblock, which gives your skin protection against the sunlight, and leaves your skin looking radiant and natural.
2. Tinted lip stain – Its just perfect a product to freshen up the face without making it look like one is wearing makeup.
3.Mascara – It opens up the eyes making you look awake and pretty. A must makeup product by all means!
4. Bronzer – This can be used in multiple ways. You can use this product on the eyes or cheeks to add dimension to your face.
 5. Concealer – Must product, for days when you’re having a bad skin day. It helps you cover the spots and dark circles under the eye region. Use it to look flawless and awake in one easy step .
Q. You are a brand Ambassador for Revlon in India. What’s that like? What work does that include for you.
I am involved in their trend and product development in India . It requires me to help them combine international trends with Indian needs. I help them with the regular updates and trends of the industry and provide my expertise to the brand .
Q. You have worked for some of the biggest publications like, VOGUE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, ELLE, GRAZIA et al, which is the project that you enjoyed doing the most and why?
I am a creative being and I love expressing beauty in any form. I am currently working on an exhibition that will be curated in Tokyo . I am using makeup as a mixed median in expressing what I feel . This is bringing me a lot of joy and satisfaction.
Q. Any particular celebrity that you want to work your magic on with your art? And why.
I stick by the saying ‘Home is where the heart is‘. I want to work with Charlize Theron – as she is South African just like me. For me, its an amazing feeling to see people from the same roots grow and reach out to places and become known to the rest of the world . I would love to collaborate with her sometime. She is definitely on my wish list!
Q. What would be your advise to young people who are trying to get a break in the fashion industry as makeup artists.
I would advise them to keep learning, growing, and staying inspired and most importantly assist as much as possible to gain experience. 
I believe, deep down we are all artists , just keep yourself inspired, look at the latest trends and never stop learning!
ELLE cover, makeup by Biance Hartkopf
ELLE cover, make-up by Biance Hartkopf
Make-up by Bianca Hartkopf
Makeup by Bianca Hartkopf
Make-up by Bianca Hartkopf
Bianca’s work for VOGUE, India
Bianca with Jaqueline Fernandis



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