Dusky is beautiful!

I have been meaning to write this post since a long, long time and I could not think of a better time than this, because summers I feel is all about colors, and this is the best time to sport all kinds of sorbets, neons and other bright shades.

While most people love colors just like me, I personally know a lot of other kinds of  people too who shy away from them because they think, colors take their tone down by a shade. People who are dusky, subconsciously find themselves inclined towards monochromes. Not that there is anything with that, I love them too, but there is something about colors that I absolutely love! And I think everyone should! Because if it weren’t for colors, life would be so boring, fashion would be so boring. So here’s a post dedicated to all the beautiful people I know, and those whom I don’t know,  but who are blessed with a beautiful sunkissed skin tone.

It does not matter what skin color you are, what age you are, what weight you are, there can be no excuse you can tell yourself for not opting for colors. Colors are beautiful and they reflect your mood beautifully. But if you think they don’t suit your skintone then here’s what you need to do.

Please make peace with your color, because trust me people pay shit load of money on artificial tanning and shit load of time under the sun to get that perfect tan and still disappoint themselves. If you are one of the few lucky ones who are already blessed with a beautiful skin tone, cherish it and instead of sulking and thinking of compromising with monochromes, make your way to colors and discover the lovely world of them.

There are certain things you should keep in mind, one of the first would be to notice that its all about the features. No matter how fair a person is, if they do not have sharp features chances are they are just going to look drab and of course we can’t change the features on our face, but we can sure use ways to enhance the way they look. So make it a rule of thumb, to use certain makeup products always. For instance, for  eyes, eyeliner and eye brow pencil is a must,  likewise for cheeks a bronzer. Take inspiration from any dusky beauty, be it Bipashu Basu or Lisa Hayden or Deepika Padukone, or Joan Smalls, they all use bronzers liberally to define their cheek bones. Apply a bit on the apples of your cheek to give your face a more defined and contoured look, take my word for it, it never fails!

Make sure you don’t use too many colors on your face when your opting for a bright color. Always balance your colorful outfit with just a bold lip color and liner, or in case you want to just highlight your eyes, skip the lipstick altogether and only let the color of your outfit and your kohl lined eyes, do the talking.

NEVER EVER go for a matching makeup shade for all three, lips-eyelids-cheeks, when wearing a bright colored outfit of the same color. Personally, I think its tacky and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should anyone opt for that disaster. Use your own aesthetic sense and play with colors, see what goes with your skin tone. I personally love to pair orange with fuschia dresses and vice versa, gold with black, blue with green, baby pink and red. You can experiment for yourself and see what works for you.

If all that text is not enough to convince you to experiment with colors, I want you to take a look at all these lovely ladies who are dusky and beautiful, who not only wear colors all the time, but also work those shades and how!

Lisa Haydon working the hell out of that sunny yellow!
One of my favorites, dusky beauty, super model Nidhi Sunil. Love that orange on her!
Rihanna in hot pink
Beyonce in orange, need I say more?
Joan Smalls looking lovely in bright and cheery orange
Nidhi Sunil in brights and neons. I don’t own this picture, but I sure love it for its colors 
Joan Smalls for Gucci Campaign
Lisa Haydon in lime yellow

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