Summer Style diaries #look1

Summer is finally upon us, and as always the northern region of India is burning. It can be quite bothersome to decide on clothes during this time, you don’t want to wear anything heavy, you find yourself crawling towards your tanks and shorts but obviously you can’t wear it to a brunch unless the brunch is organized by the beach side. Lol So what do you do? I thought I’ll just implement some basic styling, and keep the looks minimal, which means, minimal makeup, minimal addition of accessories and ofcourse minimal fuss! So from now on you’ll see a summer style blog post every now and then. Here is the look I went for today!

P.S – I cant hold my excitement but share, I got some awesome highlights done. Lo’real shade 8.34!  and I am totally loving it! I went for streaks because I don’t prefer going global with light shades. So I just got a few of them  and its just the results that I wanted! It goes with my skin tone and adds just the right boho vibe that I was looking for. If you’re asian or a latina (I think we might have same skin tones)  then I suggest you try too, I can assure you this much you wouldn’t be disappointed!

photo (12) photo (13) photo (15) photo (14)


I think this look would take you from a daytime brunch to a dinner seamlessly. I love everything about this jumpsuit. The color is a baby pink, and even though not everyone may not like it, I like pairing the pinks with red, I think it makes for a cute contrast, hence the bright red lip color. I have kept the accessories minimal with only adding a Forever 21 cuff to the look. This is one of my first few summer favorite looks. Tell me what are your dressing up ideas for the summers! x!

You can buy this jumpsuit at website.

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