Style Epiphany blogs for The wardrobe of a nomad!

You cant beat the excitement that you feel when you meet people who feel just as passionately for fashion as you do. While ofcourse there are a zillion fashion bloggers out there, there are only a few that you connect with and who stand out! That’s where Style Epiphany comes in picture for me. Style Epiphany is a brainchild of Isha Tikku and Prachi Goel, who came up with this pretty blog past February. So how is it any different than other blogs? These two beautiful ladies know how to mix and match and play with textures and colors alike. Also, I absolutely adore l how Tikku adds spunk to her looks by means of some random props or accessories. Don’t believe me? Check out this post they have done for The wardrobe of a nomad, yourself!

You can check out their blog at





IMG_3860 IMG_3858

IMG_3865 (1)

We were extremely excited when we were asked to be a guest blogger at Wardrobeofanomad! We love the concept behind her blog- budget fashion. The idea of us ladies looking like million bucks without spending mad amount of money, appealed us. To be honest, we have all had that weak moment when we have been looking for that perfect outfit for a night out, but break down & end up buying something ridiculously expensive in the end, denting our savings account. We wanted to show how to look fairly stylish without spending too much. In this outfit post, we incorporated a lot of thrifted items with one item bought from a high street store (okay we cheated, but in our defense, it was on sale)! The outfit can be worn when you’re out with the girls for drinks in the evening or just a casual date. We threw the hat in because we love a little boy-ish charm to our outfits!

T shirt- thrifted Rs. 200
skirt- Forever 21 on sale Rs 700
Hat- Thrifted- rs. 200
Shoes- Fathom, Hauz khas Village Rs. 1200
Bag- Thrifted from Spain (approx $2)
Sunglasses- Vintage thrifted- Rs. 600


Style Epiphany x

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