Favorite Hairstyles for S/S’14

Your hair play a very important role in how you come across as, to other people. Too neat? Nerdy, Too messy and unkempt? Badass! It has to be just right mix of neat and messy so it would give just the right vibe and speak for you. I see a lot of people experimenting with their hair, sometimes just for the heck of it because they are either bored of their own hairstyle or they just want to go for something that everyone is playing with and that’s exactly why it’s a big NO and why you should NEVER-EVER do that!

Now before you go and chop your waist length hair inspired by J-Law’s pixie, here are few things that you should keep in mind before going for a hair cut. “Always make sure you know what kind of volume you have in your hair and decide accordingly what kind of volume are you expecting from your look.” says Shadab Ahmed of Empire salon, Agra. Now I have been to practically every salon in New Delhi, sometimes for an experiential review, sometimes just because I wanted to check out some new salon, but what I learnt was, just like you cant trust every doctor and make them ‘your physician’, you can’t just go to any salon and expect the hairstylist to understand the look you want. Here’s where the Empire salon in Agra plays as my savior, ever since I was able to sit on a chair without tumbling, I have got my hair done by Mr.Shadab Ahmed and no matter in which part of the world I am, when I need a haircut I come crawling to Agra, where my parents live, sometimes only to get a haircut from him!

Point being, you need to understand your face type, volume and styles before you go for something absolutely absurd and well if you can’t, find a hairstylist who can do that for you.

I have had waist length hair for about 4 years now, I was so bored that last year I just chopped them off and got rid of the length as the year went by, I was bored again. So this time when I went for a haircut, I also understood the technicalities of a haircut and understood why I can’t sport the flicks like Anne hathway (Yes the realization hurt 😦 ) Shadab says, the mantra is, the more the volume you have, the steeper the cut you can afford to take. For instance I have a decent volume therefore, the angle at which my hair were cut was 120 degress, someone with lesser volume would be be given perhaps an angle of 90 degree or lesser. I was enlightened with all this knowledge by my favorite hairstylist and as always got just the results I was looking for! 

                                         My latest haircut! 😀


So next time you’re visiting Taj Mahal in Agra, make sure you visit this salon and try their services and maybe then you could tell me perhaps how was your experience. 


Oh and btw below are some of my favorite looks and cuts for this season. So what if I can’t do them on my hair, I can still see them and post them while I burn red with envy from these lovely ladies’ luscious locks right?

                                                                   J-Law works that pixie like a pro!
                                       And yes she also styles that pixie differently each time!
                                                              Love the goth vibe of this look
                  Love this geometric bob too bad don’t have suitable hair to sport this do! 😦
                              Sexy lads sporting short hair styled so differently from each other


          Love those layers on Bebo, suits her face cut and gives her mane a neat look






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