Wine Tasting and the joy of it!

Former Cricketer Atul Wassan with Manoj Mahra at the event
Designer JJ Valaya with Malvika Tiwari
Socialites Vandy Mehra and Manoj Mehra

One thing how thewardrobeofanomad is different from other blogs is, that I don’t write just for the heck of writing. Each and every post on my blog here is something that I am genuinely passionate about. Then be it ‘Raid your mum’s closet‘ or ‘The guide for the party season‘, every post is written only because it had to be, because it was something that I wished I had some blog or magazine to tell me about. So I write only that, that I would have liked to read. Point being, I value your time, just as much I value mine which is why you can stay assured if you subscribe to this blog, your feed will NEVER-EVER be spammed. Now let’s get on that post I wanted to share! ;)

Delhi NCR is known for many things, for its culture, street food, fashion and a lot more. In recent past places like Hauz Khas village,Shahpur Jat and Khan market have become hubs for pubs, restaurants, art studios etc. While you get plenty of choices to drink wine at, in Delhi & NCR (Thick wallet is a must ladies!), there’s always been a void of sorts for a place that would cater specially to Wine lovers. As if magically someone heard the secret woes of a wine connoisseursJJ Valaya, the Indian designer extraordinaire has come up with a very fresh and brand new concept of a place specially designed for the wine lovers, called The Home of the Traveler in association with much celebrated brand, The Wine Company. To celebrate their association the two maestros hosted an event for media and guests at the DLF, Cyber Hub Gurgaon. In JJ’s own words ‘‘Travel and wine have a strange yet fascinating connect. Somehow, for me, and for most people I know, a glass of fine wine in new lands and new company works beautifully to satiate the senses and the palate. The Home of the Traveler follows a similar sentiment and is pleased to associate with the Wine Company for its future soirees, both in store and otherwise.”

While I could not get enough of tasting the assortment of wines, which the sweet sommeliers happily helped me through, I could not help but wonder what would it feel like to review this place exclusively. Till that happens, here’s to dreaming about all sorts of amazing wines and yummy cheeses.

P.S – It would be totally unfair if I didn’t mention the glitterati that was present at the event. In attendance were former Cricketer Atul Wassan, socialites Vandy Mehra, Manoj Mehra, Thenny Makhija among others.

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