Your guide for the Party Season!

Yes, yes, the much awaited season is here again! Its again that time of the year, when you get like three invites of three different parties which are all to be attended on the same day. While I am sure, a lot of you reading this are super rich and have wardrobes that would give any princess a run for her money, but lets admit it, not everyone is Victoria Beckham here, and some of us  don’t have shoe closets full with Loubs or wardrobes filled with endless clothes. In fact, the oldest and comment problem that every girl complains of, there are never enough clothes! Oh Yes sister, I hear ya! And I am no exception to this. Even though I work in fashion there are times, when I get confused about what to wear, and even my modest collection seems not  good enough to fulfill the needs. So? What do I do? MIX AND MATCH! MIX AND MATCH! I always mention that in my every post. You don’t have to be Kate Moss to be fashionable, just a little common sense, and a some basic stuff, can take you a long way !

So here is what I have to say. 

Step 1 : Invest in a Little Black dress! 

Yes, you’ve heard it before, and yet I am saying this again. An advise never too late to follow and one, that will never go out of fashion. Be it for mourning, or wedding or a party, a black dress can pull you through a fashion crisis safe and sound any day! Its a MUST BUY LADIES!



Step 2 : Statement necklaces

I often hear people complaining, if you wear plain dresses, even styled differently, they are a repeat nevertheless. Damn right! But not if you know who to pair them with stuff cleverly. Here different kinds of neck-pieces can play a crucial role. Invest in some chunky necklaces, or any particular style that you like. Pair them with your plain dress and you can go long way with that, trust me!

                                      Statement necklaces from Zara, cuffs from Accessorize

Step 3: Makeup essentials

A lot of people ask me, ‘How do you wear makeup all the time?’, ‘Don’t you get zits?, isn’t it harmful?’, ‘Gosh! how do you even carry so much stuff?’, I hear these questions and a lot more like these a lot of times. First thing you need to know about makeup is, you need a good base to apply it, which means if you don’t have a healthy skin, no amount of makeup can save you. Instead, too much of it, will only make you look like a piled cosmetic palate, and age you down by about 3 years. So, HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! your skin!

For makeup, just invest in some must-have makeup products. Be it a day event or a night party, few shades always come in handy. I always swear by M.A.C frankly scarlet for day events, for a night event I mix it with a Colorbar bronzer for more defined features, for a night look. If you’re skin is prone to pimples and acne, I suggest you skip the foundation and use a beauty benefit cream of your choice for the base. In the end just apply lots of my mascara, and dollops of Kohl, and you’ll find yourself ready to rock the heck out of any damn party! 


                                   All that you need in your makeup pouch to look gorgeous!

P.S – Below, I am putting up pictures of a few of my party looks from the year, which are nothing but just pieces put together well. Hope it helps!

Also, Happy Holiday peeps! 😀


Look #1

                       Bebe dress

Look #2

Plain Maroon dress, styled with stacked bracelets, and earrings

Look #3

                   LBD paired with polka dot shrug, sling necklace and Forever 21 clutch

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