Raid your mum’s closet!

I am visiting home these days. Whenever I come home, I am always curious with any additions that mother might have made in her jewelry, shoes, accessories or sari collection.  This time too I did the same, there weren’t any new additions but I wasn’t disappointed because something old caught my eye and the purpose was fulfilled anyway.Now there is a reason why I always steal a peek into my mother’s closet. Its because not only is she fashionable but she also has that intrinsic sense of style that has influenced me in a profound way. As you know, this blog is all about being fashionable without spending too much. Therefore, my first post is based on the inspiration I got looking at a simple gold chain from my mother’s jewelry collection. The chain is vintage and belonged to my grandmother, which was later passed on to my mother. While she was sorting her jewelry, it caught my eye, I tried the chain on, to my disappointment, it looked really boring and I hated the fact, that it was neither short nor long enough to be worn, but I couldn’t help but notice that was a beautiful piece and which was made with ancient techniques of gold karigaari and that’s when I decided to style it my way!

You don’t need a penny for this, just raid your mum’s closet and borrow her chain to style it in any of the mentioned ways! In case you do like the post do not forget to mention your suggestion/feedback.




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