Valentines Date Outfit Ideas

The most romantic day of the year is here, and are the struggles of ‘What to wear, to the Valentines date tonight?’. Guess what, I thought I’ll save you the long hours of standing still in front of your wardrobe, trying to figure what to wear, and multiple failed changes. I have created 3 looks, with outfit, that will take absolutely no time, to pull a perfect valentines day, date look! Here, you go!

Whether you are going out for a classy candle light dinner, or a movie night, or are making a day out of it, by just hanging out by a cool cafe, to pull a perfect Valentines Date look, all you need is a basic red dress, a bomber jacket, a pair of beautiful earrings, a choker necklace, a pair of black sky high heels, and of-course the most important – your smile!

Look 1 –  GrungeXBarbie

Find a nice bodycon dress, add a nice choker, a pair of sunnies, and a chic bomber jacket and floor him with your grunge!



Look 2 – Take the Minimalist’s route

I don’t like to add too much jazz or too many accessories to any look. So just add simple, cute earrings, a bold red lip color to your lips. and you are all set to rock!



Look 3 – The girl next-door

This one would remind of you of the 90’s and maybe also a lit bit of your school days. Tie your hair, in a high pony tail, with the GrungexBarbie look, and see him melt like candle into a puddle of wax.


Head to toe – Forever 21

Bag – Purchase from a flea market

Rings – H & M

Shot by : Vishnu Prasad

How to style a T-shirt Dress!


As you must have realized already, (if you are on my Instagram page – ) I am obsessed with T-shirt Dresses! They are comfy, they are chic, and if styled correctly, can look uber cool! I picked up, these two dresses from a shop in Pattaya, on my trip to Thailand, and I am so in love with these, that I wear these around almost everywhere.

The tricky thing about T-shirt Dresses is that, if they are not styled properly, they can also look baggy, and kind of drab. So here are some tips, you should keep in mind, while sporting a t-shirt dress.

  • T-shirt dresses are supposed to be kinda over-sized, so ensure that you buy the right size. If you go overboard with the size, chances are, it will end up looking baggy and would fail to create the desired impact.
  • If you are going to wear an over-sized dress, you might want to balance out your look by wearing shoes, that give your dress a good contrast.
  • It’s important that you accessorize your dress, with some nice, chunky, jewelry. For instance, a nice chunky long chain, or a pair of tasseled earrings would always take your look up by a notch.
  • Any casual look, comes out best, when you keep your makeup, soft and subtle. So avoid makeup that may look a bit too harsh. Keep it soft, and minimal.
  • For that matter, you can wear t-shirt dresses, on any occasion, anywhere, but they definitely make for a great outfit choice, for day events.

So what are your thoughts, do you like how I styled my dresses for this shoot? Let me know your thoughts!

Location – Bangalore, India

Shot by : Mahesh Namburi

Outfit Details

Dress – Purchase from Pattaya, Thailand

Knee length socks – M & S

Boots – H & M

Umbrella – Colorbar

Long chain pendant, golden bracelet and golden triangle earrings – Purchase from Colaba Causeway Market, Mumbai














Shopping from The Eco Store

People who know me closely, know, how obsessed I am, when it comes to knowing about each and every detail of the products I use in my daily life. Then be it my food, or my cosmetic products,  for me, it’s important to know, what are their ingredients and how are these things, that I am consuming, manufactured. If you are anything like me, then this post maybe helpful to you.

I recently came across a website called, which is entirely dedicated to selling organic products only. From grocery & staples to personal care products, they have pretty much everything covered under the organic category.

I placed an order for 2 bottles of body wash from one of their organic brand partners, Neev, a body scrub from Aarohi, and a pack of Aloe wipes. Nothing fancy right? But definitely everyday essentials, and the thing about everyday essentials, is you need them everyday and when you place an order on a website, you want it at the earliest too! Guess what my wish did come true! I placed my order at 7:00 a.m on a Friday, and my products got delivered to me by 11:00 a.m! I have to say, I was left impressed with their quick delivery!

My shopping experience was smooth and completely hassle free. I am pretty sure, I’ll be placing an order for the next batch of the groceries too, from The Eco Store. If you too are interested in placing your order, you can do so here,



How and Where to have fun in Bengaluru, this weekend!

I have been living in Bangalore for quite some time now, and much as I love this city, honestly there are days when I feel there is only so much to do here. On weekends, there only seems to be two options, either go out for a dinner/ a party with friends, or go out for a movie, and frankly, I am kinda bored of both.

So when I got an invite from Mystery Rooms, Bangalore, I was really excited to see, what exactly Mystery Rooms was all about. After forming plans, week after week and then cancelling them, last week, I actually got a chance to visit the place, and Boy! Was I impressed!


Mystery Rooms, is a unit of Kickass adventures, where they give their audience  4 puzzle games to choose from, namely,

The Hurt Locker: A bomb defuse challenge

Lock Out: A prison break challenge

Abduction: A final hour

Cabin in the wood: The murder mystery

All the four games (each game is of about an hour), are  puzzle games which you can play in a team of 2 or more, based on the difficulty level you’d like to go with. My friends and I, we chose to go with Abduction : A final Hour, a 60-minute gripping game, which  kept us engaged and solving it, right until the end. The best part was the ambiance, which added to the thrill of it all. Imagine being handcuffed, in a super dingy, dark, room, with some random noise blasting out from the speakers, how will you find the clues? They are all around you, and yet you would struggle to find them, and that, my friends, is the fun of it all! Of course, you can use your lifelines, to get the clues, but with only 4 lifelines available (and you will need them a lot!), I will say, choose them wisely and use them sooner than later, if you actually want to solve the puzzle.

After the game, we had a lot of fun, just goofing around the photo booth and playing with the props. We couldn’t solve the puzzle in time (Faaaine! We lost because of the shortage of time!), but we sure had hell of a attempting it.

An insider’s tip for Abduction : An Hour – Practice your basic math before going for this one, and count wisely! 😉

FullSizeRender (1)

If you are looking to book your tickets for this weekend, I would suggest book them in advance, to get the slot of your choice. You can book your tickets here,

GST Sale at the East Furniture Store, Koramangala, Bangalore


Customized Bob Marley Counter






If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know already, that I did a store review a few days back for a furniture store called East Furniture. Unfortunately, I fell terribly sick, and couldn’t write about it sooner. Well, I am back now, so here’s the post!

Located in a tranquil corner of Kormangala, in Bangalore, East Furniture is a store for royalties. The moment you enter the store, you’ll feel this cool breeze touching your face and whiff of raw wood, that comes from their warehouse which is right inside the store. Every piece of furniture, that you’ll spot in this store, is made from hand-picked quality wood. Not just that, they can customize anything under the Sun for you. Their typical clientele includes people, who are looking for something different, something thematic, and of course, those are who willing to pay for their premium products. But here’s the good news, East Furniture has a GST sale on, until the 30th June (Yes, I know, only two days left until it gets over!), which means you still have two days before this crazy sale comes to an end! All the pieces I spotted were examples of fine craftsmanship. I especially fell in love with that blue couch set and the purple chair!

I think, they have some really beautiful pieces, that can add to the decor of your house. If you are into home decor and have been thinking of going furniture shopping, now is time! Rush before their GST sale comes to end!

Rum N Rouge’s Trip to Thailand – Part 3

IMG_1041.JPGYes! I am guilty, of not having delivered this post in time, but without further ado, here’s the 3rd and last installment from Thailand Travel Story.

I spent the last few days of my trip exploring Koh Larn, an island close to Pattaya, and Bangkok.



On the 3rd day of my 5 day trip to Thailand, I ferried my way to Koh Larn, a small, but very beautiful island near Pattaya. I spent the day, swimming in the ocean, sipping beer and coconut water and just laying there at the beach, soaking the Sun, doing absolutely nothing. Now that’s what you call a real vacation, right?

To go to the Koh Larn island, either you can take a speedboat, which would cost you anywhere between 100-120 TBH, or if you are traveling on budget and would rather use that money somewhere else, then you can take a ferry from Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya, which would cost you only 30 TBH per person. The speedboat will cover the distance to the island within 15 minutes, the ferry takes about 30 minutes or so. Ensure that you carry your beach essentials (check out my next post on the same! Coming up soon I promise!) and water in plenty.


By the 4th day of my trip, I had covered most of Pattaya and the nearby island, now it was time to go back to the city life! What’s a better place than Bangkok, to do just that!


In Bangkok, I stayed at the Prince Palace Hotel. Affordable and beautiful, located in the center of the city, I had a great time in their private suite. I would highly recommend this to anyone, who intends to explore the city.


FullSizeRender (2).jpg

FullSizeRender (1)

I had only 2 days to explore Bangkok, so everything had to be planned meticulously. Once I reached my hotel, I just threw my bags, applied some sunscreen, carried a bottle of water and left for the Chatuchak Market! Yep! you got that right! The very same market, where you can find everything under the Sun! No really! Shoes, bags, clothes, furniture, pets? You name it and they have it! As you must have guessed, I went crazy at the Chatuchak Market and shopped like a crazy person. It reminded me of Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi, except this was way bigger and equally crowded! Nevertheless, I shopped and shopped, and shopped, until I practically dropped! Even though I spent close to 5 hours there, I still could not cover the whole market. It starts getting shut at around 9:00 p.m, so be wary of this fact. Plan your trip accordingly, I would suggest you start around 11:00 a.m or so, to make the most of your trip to the market.

By the time I returned back to my hotel, it was already 10:00 p.m, I was tired as hell, and my feet were aching, but what’s a traveler whose feet do not ache, from walking, and whose heart still aches to explore some more! I was keen on experiencing the nightlife in Bangkok, so  I got up, put on some makeup, threw on my dress and left for some Bangkok Clubbing!

FullSizeRender (3)

To experience the Bangkok Nightlife, I chose to go to Thonglor Arena 10, which is like the hub for clubbing, think of it something to Clark Quay in Singapore. You have a good number of clubs and upscale restaurants. I chose to go to a club called, DEMO. To enter DEMO you will have to pay a cover charge of 1000TBH, which is a lot, but trust me the experience was worth the expenditure! Great music, awesome crowd, and amazing cocktails! There wasn’t a thing that I did not like at DEMO. There is a bright chance, that DEMO might be super crowded if you don’t make it there by 8:00 p.m on any day, in that case, do go to a club called SWAY. True to the name, the place will have you swinging, over the crazy beats and classy cocktails. I did a bit of club hopping, and this was the 2nd and the last club I covered that night. I had a blast!

The next day I was supposed to catch my flight back to Bangalore, but I still had some time at hand, so I went and explored the MBK Mall, which is like the mother of all malls. Just like Chatuchak Market, you wouldn’t be able to cover it in just a few hours. I certainly couldn’t! So ensure, you plan it all wisely! Timing is everything when you are on a mission to explore. I think my vacation was more hectic than my usual days in Bangalore, because I was on the go round the clock, trying to cover it all, but you know, that’s what makes it fulfilling and gives you a sense of satisfaction!

I’ll end this long post by saying, that I had a gala time in Thailand, a beautiful country, the people here are equally beautiful! They are kind, and welcoming, and will not leave a stone unturned in making you feel welcomed in their country.

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok/ Pattaya, and have any questions, feel free to drop your query in the comments and I’ll certainly get back to you! 🙂


Rum N Rouge’s Trip to Thailand Part – 2



Go to ‘Pizza Pizza’ at  Pattaya Avenue for some awesome Pizza and Ice Tea


The Sanctuary of Truth


Was so mesmerized by its beauty


105 mt high, this beautiful building is made of all wood


The wooden sculptors, represent religion and mythologies of India, China, Cambodia, and Thailand


What a pretty Goat, you can actually feed it, or dress it up with flowers accessories!


Awestruck, obviously!


It was not just beautiful, but serene as well.

So here’s the 2nd installment of Travel Story from Thailand.

If you are in Thailand and if you are not exploring the Thai culture, then what the hell are you doing? So on my second day here, that’s what I did, I thought of exploring places, that were a bit offbeat and not your typical touristy spots.

I started my second day in Thailand by treating myself to some yummy lunch at the Pattaya Avenue, and by lunch, I mean a vegetarian Pizza (which was also one of the few places to have a vegetarian pizza). The place goes by the name of ‘Pizza Pizza‘, great ambiance, and great food, I just thought it was bit expensive. A big slice of Pizza cost me about 300-400 TBH, which is about 800/- in Indian currency. So that’s definitely not cheap, but then again, in a country where vegetarian food is a luxury, I was just relieved to find something veg on the menu, I didn’t care what it cost me.

After my lunch, I moved to the next spot, which was The Sanctuary of Truth. Situated close to the sea, this was one example of architectural brilliance. About, 105 meters in height, this building is made of all wood. The wooden sculptors inside the building are truly breathtaking and represent the imperial setting at Angkor, in Cambodia. If you are into arts and culture, then this will truly leave you impressed. The ticket per head was 500 THB, which at first, I thought was expensive, but given the fact, that the building is still in the phase of construction, I guess it’s only fair that they make money out of tourism. All in all a great experience, if you love exploring non-commercialized places, then perhaps you will like this one.

By the time, I got done with The Sanctuary of Truth, the sun was already setting, which

A beautiful summer evening, by the Pattaya beach

meant, that I was to plan, where I would spend my evening. Without much thought, I just walked straight out of the Sanctuary, took a Tuk Tuk (costs only 10-20 BHAT per person) to beach road, which has some awesome shacks by the Pattaya beach, but since those shacks shut by around 6ish, I just thought of taking a stroll by the lovely beach road.  Just like the movies, you discover the best stuff, when you are not exactly looking for it, and this my friend, is the joy of traveling! Guess what, while randomly strolling around, I came across a beautiful flea market, right below The Hilton Pattaya hotel. Sure, there are markets everywhere in Pattaya, and you can buy all the souvenirs from just about any shop, this market, however, was different. I found some of the most exquisite dresses and footwears here, and they were all beautiful, to say the least. The market was slightly expensive, but the kind of stuff I bought here, I did not find it even in Bangkok. So a traveler’s tip – Do explore the flea market by the Hilton Pattaya hotel at the beach road. The vendors come around in the evening and leave by about 10ish. Hoard some cash, as you might want to shop a lot here, and if you find something, do buy it, chances are you won’t find it anywhere else in Thailand again.

After my shopping spree, I found another amazing spot. Right next to the flea market, I found a very hip cocktail van. Not so much to look at during the day, the van completely transforms in the evening. After few hours of the shopping spree, I came back to the cocktail van at around 8ish, and it had completely transformed into this trippy-alcohol serving-cocktail car! Their menu had practically every cocktail under the Sun, not just that, the cocktails were actually delicious too!

I ordered myself a Big LIT, and then a Mojito, and both were exceptionally delicious.! The pretty little lights, the cool breeze from the beach and the sonorous music, set quite the atmosphere, one, that I definitely didn’t want to come out of.

This was my second night in Thailand, and I was already feeling like the time was slipping away. The third day was all about exploring islands, which I will cover in my 3rd and last post. The last post will also comprise a list of ‘Must Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’s, so don’t forget to check this space out tomorrow!


Rum N Rouge’s trip to Thailand – Part 1

D Varee Hotel’s pool where I stayed in Pattaya


View from my balcony




Another one, from my balcony


Acting all goofy at the Ripley’s Museum


At the Ripley’s Museum


Sunset at the Pattaya beach


Post -Sunset, they light-up the Pattaya sign board


If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know already, that I visited Thailand last month, and I have to say, that I had the time of life on that trip.

I went on a 5-day trip and obviously had a lot of fun! (Duh!) So instead of cinching all the details in one post, I am going to divide it into two parts. Here’s the first part, for your pleasure.

I had planned my trip in a way, that I would get to spend 2 days in Bangkok and rest of the 3 days in Pattaya. The first day, as soon as deboarded my plane, I took an Uber to Pattaya. If you’re a fan of scenic drives, then this one you would definitely enjoy. You will see the countryside, and if you are lucky it might even drizzle which will make the journey even more beautiful.

After I got to Pattaya, I checked into my Hotel D’Varee at the Jomtien beach. Now, of course, there are plenty of hotels in Pattaya, but if you want something comfortable as well as close to the beach, then would say, D Varee hotel is the best option. Sure, it’s a  little far from the Pattaya beach road, where all the fun happens, but it’s worth the effort because if you take a sea-facing room, the view from your balcony would be priceless, and their staff is very friendly too! So you won’t any problems related to your stay.

On my first day, I decided to explore the Pattaya town and chose to visit the ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ Museum. If you are not into history and arts, I am not sure if this is a great idea for you. I, for one, enjoyed it, as it was a different experience, and I had fun checking out all the artifacts and peeping into the records and history of all the people documented at the Ripley’s. I was such a fan of the T.V show, so for me, it was actually fun! The Ripley’s museum is inside a mall, so it’s a win-win for anyone who wants to explore and shop and eat on the go. However, just a little heads-up, if you are vegetarian like me, then brace yourself to pay for overpriced Indian food at Indian restaurants, or you can find solace, at Subway and eat a sandwich filled with veggies. I did pretty much do that, during my stay in Pattaya, but for what it’s worth, I was having so much fun, that I didn’t the ordeal of going to Subway everyday half as much!

After Ripley’s I decided to just chill by the Pattaya beach watch the sunset and do nothing, which, trust me was a completely legit idea! Sunsets in Pattaya are beautiful, so you can just grab some beers from 7/11 and watch the sun go down, which in itself, is quite a soothing experience.

That was all from day 1, the next day I had some yummy vegetarian lunch and visited another historic sight. Details shall be covered in the next post, stay tuned! 🙂

All the fun we had at the Bira Event, at SHC, Delhi




Ever since Bira91 has gotten launched in the market, I don’t recall drinking any other beer. As if the awesome Bira91 was not enough, we actually got invited to their event at the Summer House Cafe in Hauz Khas in Delhi, where Monica Dogra (think the beautiful actress of movie Dhobi Ghat and lead of SHAA’IR + FUNC) was to play. Now, there was no way we were going to miss out on that? That too, when it was scheduled to happen on a Friday night? No way!

So we made our way to the event, and as expected it was a kick-ass show, full of fun, food, music and some chilled beer. Here’s the peak from the event. Pardon the bad picture quality, this was all that could be managed in the given lighting on our humble iPhone camera. :p

Covered by: Dev Raj




Review of Sly Granny, Bangalore













Last, to last weekend we were invited for a review at the newly opened, Sly Granny in Indranagar. Now, before I go ahead with the full review, let me tell you, that they had me at that name!

A quirky name and a quirkier decor with a touch of grunge, this place, is a ‘must-go-to’ destination for those, who enjoy the idea of theme restaurants. However, the decor is not the only thing, you’ll find yourself impressed with, they have some of the most delicious drinks and dishes on their menu. For instance, our favorite dish on the menu was the Hummus platter and the chicken sliders. I also loved their cocktails which had a tinge of berries and pineapple in them.

So if you are looking to visit a place this weekend in Bangalore, that’s nice, as well as different, I strongly recommend, you make your way to the very Sly Granny!

Hope you have as much fun there, as we did 🙂